A few Words About Us

Having the founders worked with various reputed retail brands in India, and having worked closely with internationally renowned retail brands for over 15 years at various fashion business models as design houses, buying houses, manufacturing/export houses, and retail brand houses, founded this design studio dedicatedly catering to Tech pack design for apparel (Technical design services) under the umbrella of Information design services.


Our Team

Our design team is versatile and capable of doing all the other associated and subsidiary service like Apparel Design, Apparel Graphic Design, Logo Design, Pattern drafting, Grading, fitting, etc. apart from primary tech ack design skillset.

We have technical design teams dedicated to tech pack designs having the capacity to produce 1000 tech pack/month at present.

We have one dedicated team for Web design, Web Development and Digital marketing. They are also specialized in e-commerce, SEO, SEM, SMO, SMM and PPC model.

We also have an associated legal team that is expertised in fashion & apparel industry and extends the service in intellectual property for fashion startups.



InfoDes ® is the trademark of Indraprastha Infodes, a wholly-owned subsidiary unit of Indraprastha Infodes a brainchild and venture of Indraprastha Group. InfoDes ® is the registered trade mark for its information design service business. The founders are basically two Fashion designers, graduated from National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Hyderabad/Bengaluru in India.

They have gained over 15 years of experience in Apparel Design, Technical Design (Tech Pack design), Product development in major. They are also specialized in fashion entrepreneurship, Design Academics, Intellectual property rights and Digital Marketing.